september, 2019

20sep18:0021:00A Case For Campaigns: Making Change Instead of Asking For ItGaia Hotel


Pleeaaase: Don’t miss out on this event!!!

I sincerely believe that the activism we are doing with Cubes of Truth, Vigils, Flyering, disruptions, … has a big value. Asking people to inform themselves in order to change their lifestyle isn’t wrong at all… BUT is making a REAL change instead of asking for one not even better?

Wouldn’t you agree that we need to start having BIGGER conversations in the animal rights movement? Wouldn’t you agree that it is time to put pressure on corporations and industries rather than relying on the individual? Or shouldn’t we at least combine our educational outreach, Flyering and vigils with bigger campaigns?

Those are a lot of interesting questions, if you ask me. You wanna learn more? Come and attend this workshop (Free entrance) by Jake Conroy, also known on social Media as The Cranky Vegan

See you all in Basel!


(Freitag) 18:00 - 21:00


Gaia Hotel

Centralbahnstrasse 13-15, 4002 Basel



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