The aim of the Vegan Society Switzerland (Vegane Gesellschaft Schweiz, VGS) is to promote veganism in Switzerland. The society was founded in 2011 and is politically and religiously independent. It is financed by membership fees and supporter donations. Together with its members, the VGS board decides on the topical emphasis of the society’s activities. The board consists of eight people that manage the society in a voluntary capacity and is supported by many volunteers.

Currently, our activities are focused on the German-speaking part of Switzerland, but the VGS plans to reach out to the French-speaking as well as the Italian-speaking parts of the country in the near future. Furthermore, the society supports local groups such as Vegan Basel, Vegan Bern and Vegan Zürich as well as other vegan groups of Switzerland.

What do we do?

The VGS is an official partner for those leading a vegan lifestyle and interested in veganism. Our website offers information about the basics of veganism as well as practical tips for the everyday vegan life. Periodically, we organize and support gatherings such as vegan “Stammtische”, cooking classes and workshops. We aim at bringing vegans and people interested in veganism together and supporting all those interested in living an ethical life.

In our work, we also focus on public relations. Among other things, supporting veganism means providing a wide range of vegan alternatives. Leading a vegan lifestyle should be easily achievable for everyone, everywhere. In order to achieve this, we work together with producers and the food industry to expand their vegan options.

Furthermore, the society wants to defend the interests of vegans and thereby strengthen veganism. The VGS wants to publicly demonstrate the reasons for being and going vegan.

The positive effects of a vegan lifestyle are empirically proven but often ignored and disregarded. However, vegans score on many levels: with respect to animal-friendliness, ecological sustainability as well as regarding various fair trade issues. Additionally, a well planned vegan diet is very healthy. These are the starting points of our work. Amber jewellery sale or tea sets for sale We aim for objective debates about the implications of veganism not only with the public, but also with representatives from politics and economy. Given the enormously damaging effects it has on humanity, animals and the environment, lifestyle is no longer a matter of individual choice. We offer food for thought: For a respectful relationship with animals, for a sustainable approach to resources, for the climate and the people in this world.

At this point in time we do not have any of the other pages on in English. Maybe this will change in the future if we feel there is a demand. If you may have any questions concerning veganism in Switzerland please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly reply in English. (July 2012)

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  1. I am a Vegan based in Scotland and I received the following email this morning from my cousin who lives in Geneva and works as a teacher in the Geneva International college. Is this something that you would be able to help him with?

    I am in charge of organising a weekly 45-minute session for our year twelve students called Global Affairs. The idea is to focus each week on an issue of global or international significance in order to provoke thought about the issue and its implications. In the first term, for example, we heard from the UN Organisation, the CITES organisation, Friends International, the Human Rights Council, Children in Crossfire, a professional cyclist about doping in sport, etc. You get the idea.

    I was thinking of trying to find a good speaker or PR person for veganism (or even vegetarianism) in Geneva but I have had difficulties sorting out who would be best and would be professional and polished enough to present to a group of seventeen-year-old students and knowledgable enough to discuss the environmental and economic benefits in addition to any ethical considerations. The speaker would also have to be able to present and answer questions in English

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